Some sixty voice mails went to Salish Soils on the weekend. Most came from people worrying about garbage pickup after the recent snowfalls.

There’s no need to worry, the front office representative of Salish Soils said today. “We’ll certainly do our best to pick up your garbage,” Lori Joe said. “We always get someone local [to do it]. Someone who knows the area.”

Two weeks of snowfall has yet to melt on a Langdale
road that missed a few garbage pickups since the end of December.

She said Salish Soils is actively talking about ways to improve garbage and compost collection when weather gets in the way. “We’re in a climate change and we have to be prepared for snow.”

However, even the best laid plans can go awry in rapidly changing weather. After a missed pickup Jan. 4, the Sunshine Coast Regional District sent a message to some areas that there would be a Saturday, Jan. 8, pickup. It was cancelled that day because of hard-packed snow. When people returned to work on Monday, the message was corrected.

If inclement weather hits hard again this winter, Lori suggests that people go on the SCRD website for updates on compost and garbage collection. Also on the SCRD site, you can sign up for the SCRD Collects App and Calendar, which will text your phone with pickup day reminders and changes.

Salish Soils became the garbage and compost pick-up contractor for the Sunshine Coast Regional District in December. Lori’s husband, Aaron Joe, owns the company.

Salish Soils can be reached at 604-885-5383. “We will always return your call,” Lori said.