On a sunny day in the second half of June, I was delighted to see the hanging flower baskets along Gower Point Road in Lower Gibsons getting a sprinkling of much-needed water. Despite the Sunshine Coast Regional District’s stage two water restrictions and a likelihood of greater restrictions to come, the baskets could stay healthy throughout the summer.

A gardener reaches high to water flowers on Gower Point Road.

Gibsons has a contingency plan for its blossoms, Wendy Gilbertson, director of parks and community services for Gibsons, explained. If restrictions climb to stage four when watering flowers is forbidden, the town can use the non-potable water tap on Gower Point Road to tend its blooms.

A pond in the town’s public works yard could supply additional water. The pond is separate from the aquifer or SCRD systems.

The alternate water sources may need to be used soon. Stage two restrictions began on June 7, and apply to areas south of Pender Harbour. In 2018 stage two began on July 5.

Gilbertson said that when restrictions increase, the town will try to stay within SCRD guidelines for watering times. It was late morning when I saw the flower baskets getting watered. Under stage three, sprinkling flowers will be restricted to one hour a day, 7 to 8 a.m.

In stage four, under SCRD restrictions, watering flowers is forbidden.

“When it comes to stage four, everybody is limited in resources and time,” Gilbertson said. “Things die, but grass grows back.”