They raised chickens. They raised bees. Now they’re raising the bar on vodka making–you may find their spirits in a local bar one day. But first, they have to make enough to keep their distillery flowing with customers.

Danise Lofstrom and Jeff Barringer opened the Bruinwood Estate Distillery early this summer. I tasted their first vodka product this week. It was as good as gold, like the  honey they also produce.

They’re building their product list batch by batch. It’s a long process, Lofstrom says, involving trial runs and tastings.

Danise Lofstrom at Bruinwood Estate Distillery
Danise Lofstrom raised chickens and bees, and then branched out into vodka making. The chicken coop and bees hives are in the background.

In addition to vodka and flavored vodka products, Lofstrom and Barringer plan to product gin. You can also buy honey at the distillery and free-run eggs when the hens feel like laying them. The honey comes from blackberry and other local flowers.

It took the couple two years to build the distillery and get approvals from the province. Now you can visit Bruinwood’s tasting room at 2040 Porter Rd. in Roberts Creek. The sign–on the north side of the Sunshine Coast Highway–is small, so keep your eyes peeled.