In this week’s budget Christy Clark’ created a $100 million Liquefied Natural Gas Prosperity Fund, but there are still no LNG facilities in the province. The media has pulled no punches in pointing that out.

One can expect Christy, in response, to ramp up her push for LNG plants despite protests from aboriginal groups, environmentalists, and folks like Sunshine Coasters who don’t want the threat of a tanker explosion or dying fish in their waterway. Some of these people will be getting together in Gibsons next week to discuss their concerns.

The province gave Woodfibre LNG an environmental assessment certificate October, and the federal government is reviewing the project.  The My Sea to Sky group has written a declaration against it. You can sign the Howe Sound Declaration online.

The Gibsons meeting takes place at the Heritage Playhouse at 5 pm, Monday, February 29.