I’m back writing this blog after a long hiatus. Sorry I was away. A health crisis sparked a time of contemplation and also a book contract. The health crisis is gone, but the book has been taking most of my time. Yet I felt compelled to get back to this blog today, after thinking about the Gibsons Library.

The Sunshine Coast Regional District has just decided to forgo adding a second story to the library. The decision in part comes because of height restrictions in the town. Despite the library’s pressing need for space, that’s a laudable decision. Height restrictions help maintain the character of Gibsons. The library is a key part of that character.

But so is the waterfront. So is the seaside-village appearance of Lower Gibsons, which residents and tourists love. Yet the George, a private development that promises millions in profit for its developer, is lunging to climb sky high.

I find that odd. Besides the George, what other business or what community amenity like the library has pushed and pushed and pushed as hard to evade the community plan? What other entity has cajoled Gibsons residents with promises of economic gain, if only the town gives up its principles?

Sadly, money seems to talk. But does money really make us happy or make the town beautiful? Good health, good people, and good books from the library make us happy. The ocean creates beauty. Sadly, we won’t see much of it when standing on the hillside above the George.