A possible scene on Gower Point Road
A possible future for Gower Point Road.

The shops along Gower Point Road that post support signs for the George Hotel may have not considered the rocky road ahead of them.

The rocks in the road would be real. They would be dug up during construction of the massive hotel. There would likely be a year of torn up roads, as water and sewer lines are positioned beneath the pavement. 

In fact, shops in Lower Gibsons may face the same kind of problems Vancouver shop owners confronted when the Canada Line was built. Parking along Cambie Street was near impossible and customers avoided the construction zone. Many businesses such as the popular, long-standing Tomato restaurant had to move. Many shops closed for good.

It would be a shame if the wonderful restaurants and retailers along the Gibsons waterfront  had to face the same predicament. Maybe they should reconsider those support signs.

* Thanks go to former Gibsons mayor Barry Janyk for the idea for this post.