It’s sad to think that Gibsons might never again receive the International Livcom Award for being the “Most Livable Community in the World.”

Gibsons won the prestigious designation in 2009 (for a town with a population under 20,000). Among six criteria, the award is granted to communities that “preserve, interpret, protect and celebrate heritage either in the built form or in the recognition of heritage elements.”

In 2009 the architecture along the waterfront celebrated Gibsons’ heritage as a fishing village. If the George Hotel is built in its present configuration, there will be a heritage mismatch.

Another stipulation for the award is that planning must align with the “collective views of the community” and show a “clear view of what a truly successful livable community would be.” It’s obvious from the divisiveness over the plans for the hotel that views are not collective and little is clear.

So much for Gibsons’ claim to fame as a livable town.