I have an admission to make. I’ve written several times about my objections to the proposed plans for the George Hotel. But two years ago I was one of hundreds of people who attended a public presentation by the developer and praised the hotel as a great idea for Lower Gibsons.

The plans were different then.

In its 2012 iteration, the George was to rise 20 metres above the waterfront. This was double the height allowed in the official community plan. Yet drawings of the George showed a pleasant waterfront area and a terraced Gibsons-style building. This convinced me that despite its excess height, the hotel would benefit the town because of its charming design.

As architect Randy Knill explained to the Coast Reporter back then, the hotel would ask for variances, which are allowed after council considers issues including scale and village character.

Soon after that Knill was gone from the project, and his design was swept off the drawing board. The current configuration for the George emerged with a 25.5-metre height and a concrete façade more on the style of Robson Street than Gibsons. The public became increasing critical of the hotel.

I’ve just heard that the George has changed its plans once again, lowered the building height, and reintroduced a terraced look. Perhaps the developer has been listening to public feedback, or perhaps council has listened and set the developer straight. Either way, going backward in this instance may represent some progress. The hotel is yet to reveal its new design to the public, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.