I’ll be traipsing down the hill to the Langdale ferry terminal today. Throngs of disgruntled Coasters will be there, protesting fare hikes and service cuts imposed by B.C. Ferries.  Protesters have been urged to write a letter to B.C. Premier Christy Clark. Here’s mine:

Dear Christy,

The people of the Sunshine Coast and other coastal and island communities can no longer take abuse from the province of British Columbia. We’ve tried to be good partners. We’ve paid our taxes and put our best efforts into developing our communities, but what did we get in return? A government that not only ignored us, but also gouged us with ferry fares that amount to a tax on our citizens. That tax subsidizes the free inland ferries, Translink, and the highways system.

After years of abuse, it’s time to get a divorce. Like Nunavut, which left the Northwest Territories because it had differing needs, the Coast and island communities could form a new province, separate from British Columbia. We hope that after we separate, we can remain friends.

After the request for a divorce, the letter shows a link to this map:

Pacifica map
Could this area become the new province of Pacifica?

The first step in forming the province of Pacifica would be to create a new political party. I used to be the the chief administrator of the Green Party of B.C., so I know that’s complicated. But it could be done. If you’re interested, please leave a comment.

And please join the protest. Here’s a link to some details.