I had a question from a blog reader in Florida. She asked what the fare is for the B.C. Ferries route from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale. I decided to list the fare along with comparisons to other ferry routes.

I’ve selected some typical routes from Canada, the United States, and Greece. It’s interesting to note that while the B.C. government claims its high ferry fares are related to economic problems, much-more-impoverished Greece charges far lower fares than B.C.

To simplify things, I’ve based the comparisons on the adult passenger fares and the cost per minute of travel time for each route. Note also that the U.S. fares might be a tad higher in Canadian money:

Comparison of Round Trip Passenger Fares

Manhattan – Staten Island, New York
25 minutes each way

Seattle – Bremerton, Washington State
Adult round trip $7.85
58 minutes each way
7 cents per minute

Poros – Pireas (near Athens), Greece
Adult economy round trip $12.22 Cdn.
1 hr 15 minutes each way
7 cents per minute

Prince Edward Island – Nova Scotia
Adult round trip $17.00
(Children free, Seniors (60) $15.00, round trip)
75 minutes each way
11 cents per minute

Horseshoe Bay to Langdale, round trip
Adult round trip $14.55
(Children $7.30, Seniors (65) free Mon – Thu: to be changed to ½ price)
40 minutes each way
18 cents per minute