#10: Coasters should boycott the ferries by not riding them for a week.
# 9: Coasters should not buy any food or gift-shop products on the ferries until all sailings are restored, seniors get their discount back, and a moratorium is placed on fare hikes.
# 8: Coasters should stand in the middle of Trans Canada Highway in West Vancouver and collect fares. Our ferry route is a highway, so shouldn’t other highway users pay their way?
#7: Coasters should visit the Kootenay Lake ferry and collect fares from all cars and passengers.
#6: Coasters should gather together on every ferry trip and sing “All You Need is Love” again and again. We’ll show ’em our flower power!
#5: Coasters should stage a spontaneous hostage-taking play on the ferry again and again.
#4: Have all of our cars break down on the ferry deck when the ferry gets to Horseshoe Bay and begins unloading.
#3: Have all of our cars sit in the ferry lineup at Langdale and not move when the ferry is loading.
#2: Let’s build our own ferry
And the number one way to protest the ferry changes: Have all of B.C.’s coastal communities and islands band together and secede from British Columbia. The ferries will belong to us and so would Victoria, for that matter.